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RE-Source 2022: EU revenue cap hamstrings PPA market in hour of need

The RE-Source 2022 event is taking place this week in Amsterdam amidst what is being described as “the perfect storm” of challenges for the European PPA market. Prices have skyrocketed, permitting continues to hamper accelerated development, and a new European Commission policy decision has only added to the inertia in the market.  


‘The first terawatt of solar PV installed globally took some 70 years to achieve, while the second will likely take only three’

Leading solar researchers from around the world are meeting for the first time in four years in Milan, Italy, for the 8th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC-8). The first morning has seen prestigious awards bestowed on two scientific leaders and inspirational discussions as to how the “second terawatt” of solar can be installed globally in just a handful of years.


The weekend read: Dawn of virtual transmission

Quick and versatile, batteries are providing a growing number of services to homes, businesses, and on the grid. Electricity network operators are beginning to adopt grid-scale batteries, with the initial applications potentially opening the way for renewable energy to flow more freely and across larger distances than ever before.


REC: “Our future is in HJT”

While many solar manufacturers are as yet undecided about which PV cell technology they will choose for their next high efficiency expansions, for Singapore-based REC, the future is HJT. pv magazine spoke to Cemil Seber, the managing director at REC Solar EMEA GmbH at the Intersolar Europe 2022 trade show, to dig deeper into these manufacturing plans.


Higher prices not holding back European demand

With demand across European markets, and market segments, surging, supply of key components is tight. Longi has product and is ready to ship, according to Gulnara Abdullina, vice president Europe for Longi Solar, who reports that while some projects may be postponed, plans are not being shelved.

Have your say on the future of automation in solar O&M

Cost efficiency while maximizing power output is the name of the game in solar project development and asset management. And the automation of the provision of utility scale solar operations and maintenance (O&M) is fast becoming one of the most compelling opportunities. Help shape the future of automation in solar O&M by completing this first-of-its kind survey.

The weekend read: Japan – After the FITs

Japan’s PV sector remains the third largest in the world in terms of installed capacity, at some 78.5GW, making it one of the leading global PV marketplaces in the last decade. But as the world races to install more solar, it is one of the few markets in recent years that has charted a decline in new installs. An approach involving numerous government agencies is looking to restart the market, and not purely based on feed-in-tariffs (FITs), says Izumi Kaizuka, the director and principal analyst at RTS Corp.


Agrivolaics to shine in France after presidential recognition

President Emmanuel Macron said agrivoltaics will become one of the main pillars of France’s energy system. Xavier Daval, chair of French solar commission SER-Soler, spoke with pv magazine about the recognition of the role of solar integrated into agricultural production.


The weekend read: BIPV no refuge

Deployment in the building integrated PV segment is accelerating, and so too are the number of solar products available to architects and developers. And while BIPV had long been the segment in which an array of thin-film technologies could shine, they are now in increasingly stiff competition with crystalline silicon rivals.


Higher PV module prices may point to stable demand and more sustainable pricing trends

Sharply rising PV module prices were one of the most notable developments in global solar markets in 2021. And while it dampened PV installations, with some projects delayed or canceled, the higher prices may point to a future where robust and stable demand leads to more sustainable pricing trends.


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