Australia’s climate election: Where do parties stand on renewables?

As Australia’s federal election campaign slowly grinds to a halt, one thing is indisputable: Climate change has emerged as the make or break issue in this year’s election. The main parties have come up with a wide range of policies, but some of them are more supportive of the green energy sector than others.

Australian aged care sector turns to solar for lower energy bills

With the annual cost of energy rising per bed across Australia’s aged care sector, C&I PV and energy-efficiency specialist Verdia says that a major energy transformation is taking place throughout the country.


Public consultation opens for 11 GW renewables hub in Australia

The Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority is seeking public input on the massive Asian Renewable Energy Hub proposed for the country’s Pilbara region.

Gupta’s 280 MW Cultana Solar Farm waved through in Australia

The first solar project in the 1 GW dispatchable renewable energy program launched by U.K. steel billionaire Sanjeev Gupta has received development approval from the government in the state of South Australia.

Sonnen starts shipping batteries made in South Australia to New Zealand

The German energy storage provider has begun shipping batteries made in the former Holden factory in the north of Adelaide to New Zealand. Sonnen batteries will be available exclusively through the manufacturer’s local partner, Taspac Energy.


Australian school pioneers renewable PPA to reduce power bills

Echoing a growing appetite for corporate renewable power purchase agreements in Australia, Ascham School has become the first in New South Wales to ink a long-term deal with commercial electricity retailer Flow Power.

Labor plan to aggregate 4,000 schools into virtual power plants in $1 billion solar program

Australia’s federal Labor party has pledged to roll out PV generation and batteries at schools across the nation, and to create VPPs supporting up to 365 MW of capacity.


Western Australian utilities roll out advanced meters

A total of 238,000 advanced meters will be installed by utility Western Power on the state of Western Australia’s South West Interconnected System over the next three years. The move will unlock the benefits of a technology that gives consumers more control over their energy use. In another rollout, Horizon Power has made paying for power easier for 11 Aboriginal communities across the state.


The what and when of P2G

Often touted as the missing link in the energy transition, power-to-gas (P2G) has not yet had its time to shine. While the technology has been around for decades, large-scale projects have been exceptionally rare. Over the last year, however, encouraging signals are emerging as research, pilot projects, and small-scale applications appear to have picked up pace. As debate continues about the tipping point for P2G in terms of conversion efficiency and costs, some market players are optimistic about near-term prospects.


Australians across all parties support EV policy and expect to buy electric cars

Coming hot on the heels of major reports and a heated public debate about electric vehicles, a poll commissioned by the Climate Council has confirmed Australians believe electric cars are the future. Another poll, by The Australia Institute, has 50% of Australian voters supporting all car sales being electric by 2025.


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