The weekend read: A watershed year for Belgium

Belgium market update: Once among Europe’s leaders in solar PV deployment, with more than 1 GW of capacity added in its peak year of 2011, Belgium’s market lost momentum following the abrupt closure of generous subsidy programs. In recent years, driven by its residential PV segment, the country has experienced a solar comeback, which became particularly prominent in the year just passed.

Rooftop solar could provide half of Dutch electricity needs, Deloitte finds

Based on analysis of publicly available data, Deloitte estimates that solar panels installed on every suitable roof surface across the Netherlands could meet half of the current Dutch electricity demand, despite the country’s cloudy and rainy climate.

Unique properties of organic polymer solar cells expected to open niche market opportunities

While they cannot match the durability and efficiency of inorganic silicon-based solar cells, organic polymer solar cells show potential to provide power to remote microwatt sensors, wearable technology and the Wi-Fi-connected devices constituting the Internet of Things.


BNEF: Australia ties with Germany as fastest growing residential storage market

Australia is on the cusp of a residential battery storage boom. The Climate Council published the forecast last week in its Fully Charged: Renewables and Storage Powering Australia report. BNEF confirms with pv magazine that as a result of the rapid growth, Australia sits alongside Germany as the fastest growing market for residential battery storage.


Increasing 2030 RE share positive for EU economy, IRENA report shows

Under the REmap case study for the EU, presented by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in its latest report, solar PV and wind power will account for the bulk of capacity additions in the power sector by 2030. The potential identified for solar PV amounts to 270 GW, an 86 GW increase on the business as usual scenario.

IEEFA identifies nine markets pushing boundaries of variable renewables integration

Latest report by IEEFA showcases nine case studies among the world’s leading states by wind and solar market share, which can serve as an example for other countries on their energy transition pathways.


China to achieve solar grid parity in 2023, slow development of storage hinders RE adoption, survey shows

Examining the outlook for renewables, grid and infrastructure, and energy storage for the next five years and beyond, the Lloyd’s Register 2018 Technology Radar study asks the question: When will renewables become the dominant source of energy?


Russian scientists investigate quantum dot solids for PV applications

Researchers at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) have developed next-generation solids consisting of quantum dots (QD), or semiconductor crystals with a diameter of just few nanometers, that could deliver a big step towards cheaper and more efficient photovoltaic devices.

Researchers develop approach to identify best organic solar cell mixtures

The new temperature-dependent parameter can say “it’s a match“ even before manufacturing organic solar cells, saving time and resources, find scientists at the North Carolina State University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

China: Hengtong launches 100 MW solar PV plant on top of fish farm

The Chinese power and fibre optic cable maker and EPC contractor has unveiled a 100 MW solar power plant installed atop a fishpond.