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European PV equipment makers pitch machines to US solar manufacturers

A $1 billion to $1.5 billion US market opportunity awaits PV equipment manufacturers through 2030, a McKinsey & Company consultant said at a recent event for potential equipment buyers and sellers in Washington, DC.

Puerto Rico could approach 40% renewables by 2025

Rapidly deploying 5.2 GW of planned solar and storage in Puerto Rico, a possibility raised in a report by six national laboratories, would require an improvement in the Puerto Rico utility’s practices. A mandated procurement process has suffered delays at many steps.


New York grid operator advances 3 GW of solar, storage projects

About 27 GW of solar and storage projects remain in New York’s interconnection queue. The grid operator has also advanced 3 GW of wind projects and a 1.25 GW transmission line.

California aggregator to buy capacity from compressed air storage project

Under a 25-year agreement valued at nearly $1 billion, a community choice aggregator has agreed to purchase 200 MW of eight-hour energy storage from Hydrostor’s planned 500 MW facility in California.


US research institute proposes compensation for storage

Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) researchers have developed a new framework to compensate energy storage as a dual-use asset.


Proposed HVDC ‘macrogrid’ to transmit low-cost, renewable power in US

A grid-modeling company has proposed an underground high-voltage DC transmission overlay for the continental United States. It could potentially help to reduce climate pollutants and electricity costs, in addition to facilitating solar and wind deployment.


US rooftop solar adoption rising as system value increases

Annual rooftop solar installations more than double when a homeowner’s long-term “profit” on a system increases from zero to $1,000, a new study shows.


Does America have enough engineers for interconnection studies?

As two US grid operators have flagged a shortage of qualified engineers to conduct interconnection studies, pv magazine USA recently spoke with Kalyan Chilukuri, vice president of Electric Power Engineers, about industry staffing challenges and measures that might help.


US solar sector prepares to meet smart inverter requirements

As several US states will soon require smart inverters for new distributed resources, and more are considering such a requirement, nearly all manufacturers will be delivering smart inverters that meet a new industry standard by August 2023, finds an analysis by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.


California moves closer to opt-in dynamic pricing to balance renewables

Opt-in dynamic pricing of electricity, which could help to balance renewables generation while lowering electric bills for participants and non-participants, is now on deck for a decision in California.