EU Anti Subsidy Timeline


EU anti-subsidy investigation

The European Commission initiated anti-subsidy proceedings against Chinese photovoltaic manufacturers, including panels and their key components, on November 8, 2012, at the behest of EU ProSun. Below is a timeline of events and related news.

September 26, 2012EU ProSun files anti-subsidy complaint.
November 8, 2012EU launches Chinese anti-subsidy PV investigation.
August 5, 2013The Commission must issue its provisional findings by August 5, 2013. There are three possible scenarios: (i) Impose provisional countervailing duties (normally for a four months period); (ii) Continue the investigation without imposing provisional duties; or (iii) Terminate the investigation.
December 5, 2013The Council is legally obliged to take a decision on the imposition of any definitive measures within 15 months of the investigation being started. In the present case, it would be before December 5, 2013. The final findings will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union.