India Anti Dumping Timeline


India anti-dumping investigation

At the end of 2012, India’s Ministry of Commerce officially launched anti-dumping investigations into imported PV cells from China, Taiwan, Malaysia and the U.S. Below is news related to the issue.





Feb. 13, 2013, Indian trade war a costly distraction

For a solar market still in its infancy, starting a trade war could become a costly distraction when the focus should be to encourage new technologies, competition and free markets. Read full story

The U.S. has requested WTO dispute settlement consultations with the Indian Government regarding India’s photovoltaic domestic content requirements. Read full story





Nov. 29, 2012, India officially initiates anti-dumping investigations

India’s Ministry of Commerce has officially launched anti-dumping investigations into imported solar cells from China, Taiwan, Malaysia and the U.S. Read full story





Oct. 10, 2012, India calls for anti-dumping duties of up to 200%

India’s solar manufactures have called for anti-dumping duties as high as 200%. Bridge to India reports on the situation. Read full story





Aug. 20, 2012, India accuses US of “ruining” domestic PV industry

India’s Centre for Science and Technology (CSE) has launched a scathing attack on U.S. photovoltaic manufacturers, claiming they are “ruining” India’s domestic photovoltaic manufacturing industry by taking advantage of the US$30 billion Fast Start Finance Fund. Read full story





Dec. 20, 2011, US-China trade debate moving to India

India is considering following in the footsteps of the U.S. and launching its own investigation into Chinese solar imports. Read full story