US Sino Timeline


US-Sino PV investigation

On November 7, 2012, the U.S. International Trade Commission unanimously determined that Chinese photovoltaic imports materially injured the U.S. industry. Consequently, AD and CV duty orders were issued. Below is a timeline of events and related news.

October 19, 2011SolarWorld submitted a petition to Commerce, claiming China's photovoltaic manufacturers were illegally dumping product on the US market.
October 27, 2011Preliminary entry into US Federal register (
November 8, 2011Testimonies heard of parties involved at the US ITC’s conference in connection with the preliminary phase of antidumping duty and countervailing duty Investigation No. 701-TA-481 and 731-TA-1190(
December 2, 2011US ITC voted unanimously to go forward with an investigation (
March 20, 2012US DOC hands down preliminary verdict in the CVD trade case.
May 17, 2012US DOC announces preliminary anti-dumping determination, after many delays.
May 25, 2012WTO reports that China requested consultations with the US concerning the imposition of CVD measures (
September 28, 2012DSB establishes a panel on the back of China requested consultations with the US.
November 26, 2012Director-General composes the panel on the back of China requested consultations with the US.
November 7, 2012ITC casts final decision (
December 7, 2012Final determination AD ( and CVD ( entries into Federal register, December 7, 2012