Future PV Roundtable @ Intersolar Europe 2018


What: Future PV Roundtable at Intersolar Europe 2018

When: June 21, from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Where: Room 5 in the ICM Building

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Future PV Roundtable 2018: Maximizing performance in rooftop and utility scale installations

Going beyond the hype: investigating the drivers of high performance PV, and how to make it work financially.

The 4th Future PV Roundtable will bring together manufacturers, technologists, with project developers, EPCs and investors again this year at Intersolar Europe.

The event will be taking a dual focus: high efficiency and performance products for the residential rooftop, and bifacial technology for C&I applications and PV power plants.

High efficiency, performance and output PV products often capture headlines, but how can they be achieved cost effectively? And how can project developers and EPCs utilize the new technologies effectively – and in a way that works out financially?

To investigate these prescient questions, pv magazine and Future PV initiate partner Heraeus is assembling a stellar lineup of speakers from true leaders supplying a range of bifacial and high-performance PV products – to discuss which pathways make economic sense and are likely to cut through in today’s highly competitive marketplace.


2:30pm Keynote address: Andreas Liebheit, President, Heraeus Photovoltaics

2:40pm Session 1: High performance distributed PV cells, modules, and applications – achieving high power output and optimal applications

Technology for discussion

Mono PERC PV cells and modules

N-type mono cells and modules

Shingled-cell module design

Aggregation, storage and Virtual Power Plants

3:30pm Session 2: Making bifacial work, from cell, to module, to PV power plant

Mono PERC in bifacial cells and modules

Heterojunction in bifacial applications

Bifacial applications and power electronics

Tracking vs. bifacial: a zero-sum game?

In a new innovation to the Future PV Roundtable format, a Fireside chat will be held between each of the panel discussions, to provide a recap and analysis of each session.

There will be opportunities to speak personally and network with attendees and panellists at the conclusion of the Roundtable.

If you want a preview of what our event will look like, you can check out last year’s video !

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