Quality Roundtable @ Intersolar Europe 2018

What: Quality Roundtable at Intersolar Europe 2018

When: June 21, from 10 AM to 01 PM

Where: Room 5 in the ICM Building

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Quality in procurement, installation and O&M 

pv magazine Quality Roundtable at Intersolar Europe 2018

The 9th pv magazine Quality Roundtable will take place at this year’s Intersolar Europe, on June 21. Combining the most successful concepts from our previous events, the first session will see industry experts and the audience discussing two case studies on poor quality in the field. Focusing on backsheet cracking and compensation after hailstorm damage, the discussion will revolve around how to detect faults; how to manage them; and how to evaluate with whom the responsibility lies.

How can data analysis help asset owners and operators increase their returns on investment? This question will be posed during the second session, which will examine one of the industry’s hottest topics: big data.

A thorn in the side of EPCs and investors in recent years, the issues of potential induced degradation (PID) and light induced degradation (LID) keep raising their heads. We believe they should no longer be relevant; although some are quick to disagree. The second session will, thus, also debate whether or not they really have been solved. Can we finally move on?


10:00 11:10 Session 1: Stop the blame game – Known and unknown examples of poor quality in operational installations

Case 1: Faulty backsheet

  • Discussion on the impact of faulty backsheets, and with whom the responsibility lies
  • Presentation: “Avoid the blame game between EVA and backsheet manufacturers”

Case 2: Unregulated damages after a hailstorm

  • Discussion on the impact of damages, which are visible, but which do not lead to an immediate loss of power
  • Presentation: “What is known about the long-term impact of microcracks?”
  • Presentation: “Legal background for the regulation of such issues with insurance”

11:10 – 11:30 Break with poster session

11:30 – 13:00 Session 2: Solutions for solar asset optimization

  • From field tests to the more recommended Module Accelerated Sequential Testing concept, and innovation in bifacial module technology (Stephan Padlewski, DuPont)
  • Big data and advanced solar analytics (Kam Mofid, General Manager, Solar, Envision)
  • The view of large asset owners on data analysis, and the chance to increase investment returns (Panel discussion)
  • Potential induced degradation (PID) and light induced degradation (LID) – Problems solved? A discussion on the pros and cons between renowned experts on these issues.

If you want a preview of what our event will look like, you can check out last year’s video !

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