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Magazine Archive 02-2017

“Increasing interest in HJT”

Heterojunction equipment supply: In December 2016, Germany’s Von Ardenne and China’s Ideal Energy announced a strategic partnership through which the two production equipment suppliers hope to advance their HJT-enabling technolgoies. With Von Ardenne bringing 40 years of sputtering experience to the young Shanghai-based PECVD supplier, the two companies see a mutual benefit in bringing their complementary technologies together. Kristin Lüdemann, VP crystalline PV spoke to pv magazine about the cooperation and the future of HJT.

Climate for technology

Module performance: Over the years researchers at TUEV Rheinland have tested and evaluated thousands of PV modules. Some of the individual tests performed only take a few seconds, while others (e.g. climate chamber related tests) take days or weeks to perform, but all are executed under well-controlled laboratory conditions.

From the top

Buffeted by demagoguery, ‘populism’ has become something of a dirty word in recent months. But if we hack away at its modern (mis)interpretation, the notion of what populism actually means – addressing the concerns of ordinary people –tallies quite nicely with solar PV. For it is becoming increasingly populist to take issue with climate change, […]

Last chance for energy companies

Smart homes: Time is running out for energy companies in the connected home market, as tech giants including Amazon and Apple move to secure the lion’s share of this newly developing market. Delta Energy & Environment’s Arthur Jouannic explains.

U.S. Solar: Myths and Alternative Facts

Policy support: Deployment of solar PV in the U.S. for larger commercial and multi-megawatt commercial projects is currently strong. It may continue to be strong, but ongoing momentum is not ensured.

Aussies hot for storage

Distributed storage, Australia: A warm market for batteries is rapidly heating up. The Australian storage market is set to triple in size, on the distributed front alone. For utilities it could be a blessing or a curse.

PV without the politics

Industry future: Cofounder and director of the Becquerel Institute, Gaëtan Masson examines PV’s position in the shifting political landscape. With policy support declining in many countries, can PV find a way to escape from this corner and continue to lead the transition to renewable energy?

“The Australian market will be the global number one”

Distributed battery storage: Things are moving quickly Down Under. German battery supplier Senec has joined the list of companies looking to make inroads to the rapidly growing Australian battery storage market and the action is on the residential front. Senec launched its product in Perth, Western Australia, in January. pv magazine was on the spot and spoke to Senec Australia Managing Director Ian Parkinson and head of international development Sven Albersmeier-Braun.

Utility scale slipping

Japan Outlook: Feed in tariff cuts and a new reverse auction system are just 2 of the biggest from a whole heap of policy changes set to shake up Japanese solar over the coming year. As the country’s biggest solar trade show, PV Expo Japan, approaches once again, pv magazine takes a look at what’s in store for solar in the land of the rising sun.

Breaking new ground

Central America’s solar boom: Central American nations have emerged from obscurity to a leading role in the deployment and integration of large amounts of renewable energy. But the Energy Transition in this region is just beginning.

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