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Magazine Archive 02-2017

From Beijing to Shenzhen: cutting-edge PV in China

China roadtrip: pv magazine managing director Eckhart K. Gouras returned to China at the tail-end of 2016 to take the nation’s PV pulse once more. Traveling from Beijing to Shenzen via a number of logistically significant locations along the way, this was a journey that affirmed China’s ambition and vision to remain the world’s largest and most dynamic solar player.

2017: A crucial year for Indian solar

Indian Installations: With 9 GW in installations lined up for 2017, it can no longer be denied that India is playing in the big leagues. Raj Prabhu, CEO and founder of industry analysts Mercom Capital provides some detail on what’s on the horizon for one of the world’s fastest growing markets.

Building Big in MENA

New energy plans: United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia both announced in January new energy plans for their countries, targeting a large share of solar PV in their energy mix. pv magazine presents the latest update from both countries and provides a first estimate of what is possible and how much soon.

Strong and stable

Dutch PV opportunities: The Netherlands has been a latecomer to the renewable energy table. Still known as a gas-land, the Netherlands is among the bottom three worst performing countries of Europe when it comes to clean energy. But the country has found the way up and is creating the conditions for a stable and upward trend.

Europe’s energy valley?

Solar in Provence: Vice-President of the French giant ENGIE (ex GDF-Suez), Thierry Lepercq, reveals the contents of a major strategic study to pv magazine. If its recommendations are applied concretely, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region of France could become the California of Europe with regard to solar PV.

Arctech Solar on track

Interview: As part of its continuing series of Solar CEO interviews, pv magazine recently caught up with Arctech Solar CEO Guy Rong to discuss the stunning growth of the tracker maker, based in Kunshan, Jiang Su Province, having expanded into Shanghai, New Delhi, Tokyo, Saramento and Madrid, China.

Bows to the string

Inverter design: It is taken as a given that developers of large-scale solar applications are increasingly at ease with using string inverters for their projects. But what has facilitated this evolution in the string inverter component, and what tangible benefits do string at scale actually offer?

A new era for US solar

PV landscape: It is a new era for the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), and the United States. Fresh on the heels of the election of climate denier Donald Trump, who disparages solar and wants to bring back the coal industry, SEIA has appointed Abigail Ross Hopper as its president and CEO, to fill the power vacuum left by the departure of long-time CEO Rhone Resch. A few weeks after the appointment was made official pv magazine caught up with Hopper, to test the waters regarding her priorities at SEIA and her thoughts about the U.S. solar industry and policy under the new presidential administration.

What comes after PERC?

Upgrade cycles: Having conducted extensive along the PV value chain, and numerous interviews with equipment suppliers and PV manufacturers, Götz Fishbeck, CEO at Smart Solar Consulting, shares his conclusions regarding the future investment in novel cell technologies, and the outlook for additions of cell capacities.

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