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Magazine Archive 04-2020

2020: The decade of perovskite PV

About 10 years ago, perovskite solar cells (PSCs) made their entry into the world of PV with a power conversion efficiency of 3.8%. Fast forward to 2020, and PSCs are the talk of the town, with a string of impressive laboratory achievements to their name. Global research efforts have shifted toward PSCs as efficiencies keep on getting thrashed on a regular basis. But is it too soon to say that the technology is ready for commercialization?

Mobilizing Europe for perovskite PV

As a relatively new and rapidly emerging PV technology, perovskites present an opportunity for the European Union to once again play a prominent role in solar manufacturing. So argues Louis Huber from the European Perovskite Initiative, a group that is trying to coordinate European perovskite PV activities across research, industry and politics.

New technologies mean new approaches

Measuring the performance of a solar cell is a tricky affair, and even more so for new technologies such as perovskites and tandem cells. In the laboratory, these are measured over a period of several minutes to ensure accurate characterization. But as technology continues its journey toward commercial production, ensuring an accurate power rating without slowing down the manufacturing process presents a new challenge both for suppliers of flash testing equipment and those working on bringing perovskite solar cells and tandem devices featuring them to market.

pv magazine test

January and February 2020 results

Testing reveals what matters in batteries

An independent testing program for battery systems has revealed what failures can occur, and the key factors that underpin reliable battery operation and supply. Canberra-based ITP Renewables is carrying out the testing program and reports on its first two phases.

Greening finance

The world is watching to see whether signatories to the Paris Agreement can increase emission reduction targets to match the 1.5°C goal. While Covid-19 and oil shocks rock the markets and delay negotiations, if the financial community is given the correct information, tools and frameworks to shift its focus, the transition to a low carbon greener future may yet be assured. Felicia Jackson in London explores the implications of the EU’s Climate Law and the Green Deal that it promotes.

pv magazine Events 2020

The unfolding Covid-19 crisis has impacted solar events around the world (see pp. 19). Many events have been canceled or postponed, reducing opportunities for knowledge exchange, community building, and networking. It has also deprived companies of the chance to generate new leads and introduce new products and collaborations to a live audience. But don’t fret – pv magazine has a growing suite of solutions.

Final thought – Balancing technology and reliability

Kaushik Roy Choudhury, senior scientist and global technology leader, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions

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