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Magazine Archive 05-2014

More brownfields sprout trackers

PV on contaminated land: A variety of U.S. brownfield sites are welcoming high efficiency trackers and other low-impact solar PV solutions.

No production without a strong domestic market

Interview: Manz posted record revenues despite the solar sector contraction. The company’s CEO Dieter Manz talks about the perspectives for PV against the background of diversified portfolios, business models and solar markets.

“Hot new entrant to the utility-scale market”

Financing Philippines: In May, the largest solar park in the Philippines – located in San Carlos City on the island of Negros – goes online. The ThomasLloyd Cleantech Infrastructure Fund provided financing, and pv magazine spoke with T.U. Michael Sieg, Chairman and CEO of ThomasLloyd, regarding the background of the pioneering investments.

On a cost-cutting spree

Laminators market in India: The Indian PV equipment industry has been largely unable to produce many reputed solar suppliers. An overview of the Indian laminator industry for PV production.

“Make the most out of the limited resources we have”

Interview: What is the importance of PV and other renewable energies as the Philippines tackles the risks of climate change? Is the Philippine government on the right track? At what level are PV awareness and financing conditions? pv magazine puts these questions, and more, to Loren Legarda, member of the Senate of the Philippines.

Panel packing techniques limit breakage

Shipping damage: Intelligent packaging helps PV panel shippers reduce the solar glass breakage rate.

A disruptive partnership

Thin film: The partnership between First Solar and GE is a complex one, but its ability to deliver truly disruptive results to the PV industry and power plant business is beginning to be spoken of more widely. There is no one key to this dynamic, but a focus on efficiency and cost is looking likely to pay off.

Quality lies in the eye of the beholder

PV quality: Chinese renewable energy manufacturers are well positioned to benefit from the growing demand in emerging economies. So, asks Dirk Kayser – Ph.D Candidate at the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles – what should Western firms do: compete or cooperate?

Accurate measurements

PV performance monitoring: Ruud Ringoir, Product Manager at Kipp & Zonen, based in Delft, the Netherlands, explains the details and the advantages of using pyranometers and pyrheliometers to obtain accurate and independent solar radiation data.

Review, repeal, reinvent

Australia: As one of the first countries to arrive and then accelerate past retail grid parity, Australia had the makings of a solar darling. However government measures are rapidly putting up obstacles to the rapid growth of solar in the country as vested interests and incumbent fossil fuel generators appear to be doing an effective job of striking back against PV.

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