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Magazine Archive 07-2017

New ways forward, as things stay the same

It was hard to miss. At the entrance to Hall A1 at the 26th Intersolar Europe last month in Munich, an empty space greeted visitors. It was where the SolarWorld AG booth was to be. The German company’s booth had been a mainstay at Europe’s largest solar event for something like 20 years, and its […]

On target, or own goal?

Trade disputes: The sorry tale of the SolarWorld AG and Suniva insolvencies should act as a warning against hankering for protectionist measures. But are attempts to counter Chinese dominance at least rooted in good business sense?

Turmoil in residential solar

U.S. residential: After years of steady, relentless growth, the U.S. residential solar market is struggling with challenges on both the policy and customer acquisition fronts. And as the market diversifies away from California and the Northeast, the future is far from clear.

The Sun Also Rises

Solar in the Midwest: In the region that was once a bastion of American heavy industry, and is still home to the farms that help feed the country, the solar industry is beginning to take root.

Local government in the driver’s seat

U.S. PV growth: The Solar Foundation’s Andrea Luecke examines the growth of solar in the United States, and the elements that need to be in place for it to be sure to continue. With the national outlook cloudy, local communities will play a key role in shaping future solar industry growth.

Cuba taps its abundant sun

Latin America: Cuba is steadily implementing a renewables program in an effort to wean itself off imported fossil fuels. The package will include 700 MW of PV capacity.

Trackers blanket global market

Trackers: Solar tracker manufacturers are blanketing the global market faster than ever, as regulatory regimes open new country markets, as marketers push sales beyond the massive U.S. market, and as major players vie for the bulge bracket.

Blue is the new black

Utilities and solar: The old structures of centralized power generation are slowly being eroded by a combination of more affordable solar PV and cleantech innovation. Many of Europe’s big utilities were initially resistant to this changing of the old guard, but a growing number are now realigning their business structures to place PV at the forefront.

Unleashing the sun

Off-grid in Nigeria: With the largest unelectrified population in Africa, Nigeria holds great promise for off-grid solar companies. Progress on electrifying the country can be accelerated by improving government policies.

Back to the front side

Lasers and selective emitters: It was hyped, then more-or-less disappeared from view. The application of processes within crystalline silicon PV cell production to achieve a selective emitter architecture has seen hype and interest evaporate in the face of an evolving technology and market landscape. But the front side process may come surging back in the very near future, as lasers deliver a solar technology blast from the past.

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