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Magazine Archive 08-2011

Off-grid in India

Telecom applications: Phocos AG, a German manufacturer of solar charge controllers and components for off-grid solar systems as well as energy-saving DC appliances, on its telecommunications projects in India.

Order volume is picking up

Lead times: European inventory levels are declining dramatically.

All together now

Solar cooperatives: Local renewable energy cooperatives in the United States have begun to yield a substantial amount of solar power, thanks to the combined efforts of neighborhood organizations, solar marketers, solar installers and developers, and federal support for market-building.

Precision coating

Selective emitter process: The thin, uniform application of dopants is critical to the successful formation of selective emitters on photovoltaic cells. Considerable effort is ongoing to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic cells. Recently, much attention has been given to the formation of selective emitters to significantly improve the efficiency of the solar cell. In the second part of a two-part article, Ultrasonic Systems’ President Stuart Erickson and Chinalight Solar’s Senior Engineer Yang Song, Deputy Director of Research and Development Ye Duan, and Deputy General Manager Youzhong Li elaborate.

Angola goes solar

Angola: PV prospects in Angola appeared grim until last year, due to a lack of infrastructure capable of storing captured solar. However, this outlook is set to change, thanks to an increase in available technology and the rising presence of foreign companies.

Reducing hindrances

PV Legal/PV Grid: The initiative PV Legal, funded by the European Commission’s Intelligent Energy for Europe program, has provided for more transparency and the elimination of bureaucracy in Europe. Nevertheless, central obstacles that still act as a brake on PV growth in many European Union countries have yet to be eliminated. The new initiative PV Grid is to change that.

Archipelago of change

The Philippines: The first solar summit, an active solar alliance, solar power plants, active PV companies and a German alliance. These look like the ingredients towards the Philippines’ successful photovoltaic journey. Or are there pitfalls along the way? pv magazine explores the introduction of solar power in the country on a large scale, and the fine print that comes along with it.

Sharpening silicon

Cell efficiency: Aside from reducing manufacturing costs, PV producers looking to retain a competitive edge are placing increasing importance on technologies that can enhance silicon cell power conversion efficiencies.

Changing course

Dear readers, Is the big tanker USA finally moving toward a change in energy policy and a sustainable economic system? Thus far no change in policy can be seen a good two and a half years after Barack Obama assumed office, a good year after the largest oil disaster in the history of the United […]

Solar’s little black box

Junction boxes: Optimizing electronics are increasingly being integrated into junction boxes, posing new challenges for designs. Increasingly, collaborations are forming between junction box and electronics manufacturers. pv magazine takes a look across some of the latest products and ideas behind solar’s little black box.

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