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Magazine Archive 08-2021

Achieving game changing growth

Corporate purchases of green electricity are at an all-time high. Pressure from companies, new entrants, and favorable legislative changes have combined to push the market further. Consequently, the business model landscape is evolving. As part of the UP Initiative quarterly theme on sustainable electricity supply, pv magazine has compiled a brief overview of the main models available (see table) and provided a more in-depth look into two of the most prominent: energy certificates and power purchase agreements.

Supporting the corporate renewable electricity market

Corporate clean electricity purchases are finally taking off in many European markets, thanks to a number of renewable energy law reforms. Spain and Italy in particular are seeing growing numbers of transactions. However, is enough being done to support the corporate market? Hannah Hunt, impact director at RE-Source – a European alliance of stakeholders representing clean energy buyers and suppliers – looks at the forces driving change and asks which policy and regulatory reforms are critical to unlocking European corporate sourcing potential.

Digesting the EC’s border tax proposal

The European Union’s proposed carbon border tax on imports of energy-intensive goods could push up prices of steel, aluminum and raw materials, which could add costs to the supply chain for solar PV installations. In the longer run, however, the border tax could also offer solar PV manufacturers new opportunities to source materials with a lower carbon footprint.

Final thought: What’s in store?

Perhaps the most dramatic and urgent challenge we face today is how we generate and consume energy. The energy transition is well underway and as installed capacity of solar and wind increases, so too does the demand for storage to provide a flexible and reliable energy network.

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