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Magazine Archive 10-2013

Looking into the future

Defect catalogue: Electroluminescence is without a doubt in vogue. But there is still some debate over what the method actually reveals and how the images should be interpreted. We present typical module defects revealed by EL imaging.

New low price suppliers

Module prices: Modules from China are being undercut by products from Southeast Asia and are no longer the cheapest on the market.

No confidence in manufacturer tests

Potential-induced degradation: Even though many module manufacturers are now promoting PID-resistant modules, the problem of potential-induced degradation remains unsolved. Three experts explain why not all tests can be trusted, and how to detect and reduce the effect.

Playing it safe

Crystalline silicon solar technologies: Industry talk has often been of a transition to high efficiency solar cell concepts but the PV market that exists today is risk averse, understandably, with standard modules made of polysilicon continuing to dominate.

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