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Magazine Archive 10-2017

Hit the ground running

Taiwan market update: Tumultuous but promising times in Taiwan as ground-mounted activity looks set to begin in earnest, but Taiwanese cell makers continue to struggle despite local demand slowly beginning to pick up.

High figures, mixed feelings

Distributed storage in Australia: As installation figures continue to show a strong upward trend of battery penetration, Australia is persistently reaffirming its status as the market to be in for storage providers. Standards Australia’s proposed installation safety guidelines caused a commotion earlier this year, dimming the industry’s high hopes. Amid a lot of hype surrounding the Australian battery storage arena, pv magazine explores whether this promising market is developing as anticipated.

Section 201: Clear and present danger

U.S. trade action: No one knows for sure what the ultimate outcome of the Section 201 investigation will be, but impacts are already being felt in the market, as both sides try to influence the outcome of the case.

Right on cue

Module demand: Third quarter on course to become year’s most prosperous for solar modules, following a rush of orders. Prices, however, will stay largely flat.

Solar SOS

Mobile solar: Instances of severe weather events have been more frequent and more visible across North America and the Caribbean these past few weeks. When disaster strikes, society springs into action, but one of the unsung heroes of the relief effort is mobile solar power, which can bring reliable and emergency electricity to regions cut off from the grid in an instant.

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