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Magazine Archive 12-2012

New deposition of AZO thin films

TCO layer deposition: Aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO) thin films have been deposited using an in-line ETP-CVD production process at Roth & Rau. ETP-CVD allows high deposition speed, reduces system size and decreases running costs. It can be applied to deposition on foils. For CIGS module production, the cost of ownership for AZO will go towards €1/m2 . Roth & Rau’s Manager of Innovations Roel Bosch provides the latest information on the deposition technology, performance and cost.

Where Europe works for Asia

Czech Republic: While many European solar module factories are having to close their doors due to global overcapacity, the machines at Kyocera in the Czech Republic are still humming away. Most of the modules it produces are bound for the Japanese market.

The next phase

Indian market update: India experienced a rapid drop in solar energy tariffs, mainly driven by aggressive bidding. Raj Prabhu, Managing Partner of Mercom Capital Group, provides an overview of the third quarter 2012 and the current Indian state policies.

The keys are financing and storage

Interview: Financial woes still plague the growth of the PV market in Africa. With northern Africa kick-starting its solar power plans, Fode Youssouf Minthe from Yandalux GmbH talks to pv magazine about bringing photovoltaics into the rest of the continent and the keys to unlocking a multi-gigawatt market.

The future of PV has just begun

300 GW interview: While manufacturers struggle to return to profit, there is certainly no surfeit of optimism in the PV industry at present. However looking over the major hurdle the industry currently faces, JA Solar’s CEO Peng Fang, at the APVIA trade show in Singapore, explained what signs he can see in China and beyond to give him hope for the future.

Still reorganizing

Poland: Currently the government in Warsaw is struggling with the reorganization of its solar subsidies. Nevertheless, project planners have already put their hopes in a market that promises attractive subsidies for both large and small photovoltaic systems.

Standardizing bond testing of c-Si solar cells

Bond testing standards: With an increasing need for standards across the solar module manufacturing industry, setting a benchmark for assessing the bond between cells is a vitally important step for customers as Indium Corporation’s Jim Hisert and XYZTEC’s Dirk Schade and Aubert Dupont explain.

Solar resource mapping in Africa

Solar maps: The continuing evolution of the global mapping of solar resources is helping policymakers and solar industry players to plan projects across the African continent. Slovakia-based GeoModel Solar’s Managing Director Marcel Suri explains the role such maps play.

Solar financing innovation in Southeast Asia

Solar financing: The financial turmoil afflicting world markets and established PV players is leading to some innovative financing solutions for projects across the burgeoning Southeast Asian region, as Ragna Schmidt-Haupt, of global consultancy GL Garrad Hassan investigates.

Solar building envelopes

BIPV: Bisem completed a BIPV curtain wall retrofit installation for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. Instead of manufacturing expensive custom-made PV panels the company developed a system that allows the use of mass-produced PV modules.

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