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Magazine Archive Growatt Special Edition 2022

Growatt: Inverter and smart energy solutions trailblazer

Growatt is one of my favorite companies in the global PV industry.
I entered the industry in 2010 and my first job was to represent
pv magazine in Greater China. My home base was Shanghai
and I watched the Chinese PV industry grow at breakneck
speed. That same year, Growatt started its photovoltaic journey
in Shenzhen, southern China – another hotbed of Chinese innovation
and entrepreneurship

Empowering homeowners

Home is where the hope is, for action on climate change at the local level. This is the powerful story of residential decarbonization, and by swapping key devices from fossil fuel molecules to electrons, all powered by rooftop PV, citizens around the world can be a part of the climate solution.

Home orchestration helps smart green homes sing in tune

The future of the home is clean and comfortable. By combining a suite of household devices, monitoring solutions, and communication interfaces – all underpinned by the powerful backbone of Growatt inverters and battery energy storage systems – GroHome is lighting the way for the smart green family of tomorrow.

Early brand building pays off Down Under

Brand building in the world’s highest-penetration rooftop PV market takes more than good products and a sunny disposition. The ingredients for successful partnership include open communication, accessibility, flexibility and working for mutual benefit.

C&I rooftops turn toward the sun

Compared to national policy, sustainability factors only play a small role in making the economics stack up for PV adoption by businesses.

Unlocking C&I around the world

Growatt will unveil multiple new products in 2022. It has already announced the global availability of its new flagship line of 125 kW MAX inverters for C&I solar applications and higher-power PV modules. Its new offerings also include batteries, marking the dawn of a new era of commercial solar and storage growth.

Solar’s happy place

As high-temperature, energy-hungry processes meet rationed electricity and sky-high grid prices, China’s commercial and industrial sector is piling on the solar. Supplying the boom, Growatt’s MAX 125KTL3-X LV inverters ensure maximum value.

In the far reaches of northern Mexico

two remote regions of the Mexican state of Chihuahua, PV-powered microgrids bring electricity to a university and an agricultural ranch, neither of which are well served by the regional grid. The microgrids make use of lithium-ion batteries supplied by Growatt, alongside modules from local manufacturer SolarEver. The projects serve as an example of how products like Growatt’s off-grid inverters and energy storage solutions can bring reliable solar power to regions with limited energy access.

A ‘must have’ for households

As batteries become an indispensable asset in the new solar household, the future of energy independence is looking sunny. On the residential level, a host of drivers, including supportive policies in many parts of the world and surging electricity prices, are driving demand to new highs.

Cleaner, smarter, more reliable

Microgrids continue to prove themselves as solutions for a range of applications. Remote communities, facilities, and sites have already joined onsite distributed energy resources to work together as single resilient systems.

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