Independent, intelligent distributed energy


We are moving toward a future in which renewable energy will account for a dominant share of the world’s energy supply, and we know that current efforts to tackle climate change are insufficient. Thankfully, a growing number of investors, businesses and citizens are making changes to the way they live, operate and invest to accelerate the energy transformation.

For the global community to take action and implement responsible practices, we need to enable businesses and homeowners to conveniently access decarbonization tools, which are central to accomplishing the clean energy transition. Industry needs a broad range of clean, efficient and intelligent technologies and solutions that can be applied to a wide range of scenarios, facilitating a growing range of adoption, while scaling up decarbonization efforts.

Solar energy, battery storage, EVs, intelligent management – these technologies are crucial tools for reducing carbon emissions. More than 130 countries have set a target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, which will advance the structural transformation of the global energy system. According to the International Energy Agency, two-thirds of the total energy supply in 2050 will come from renewables, with solar being the single largest source.

Moreover, the electrification of transportation will create a greener and more sustainable way of life, by enabling customers to harvest clean solar energy to charge their EVs. And the good news is that EVs are taking a larger share of global car sales and are expected to account for more than 60% by 2030.

Battery storage and intelligent energy management technologies are key for these distributed new energy systems to attain higher energy efficiency. As the number of these systems grows and the technologies develop, we envisage the establishment of low carbon communities and even cities powered by independent and intelligent distributed energy networks.

At Growatt, our team constantly focuses on the innovations and applications of these technologies. We will continue to increase investments in the domains of power electronics, IoT, big data and AI to build a global R&D and service network so that everyone can gain and benefit from sustainable energy technologies.

David Ding, Founder and CEO, Growatt

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