Alfartec introduces The BlueSky-MT240 solar simulator to the market


Its exceptional performances and design are ideal for production, research and certification center. Its amazing long flash duration up to 500 millisecondes and short cycle time are suitable for all module technologies.

Using LEDs and halogen lamps, the MT240 has a wide range spectrum, from 350nm to 1200nm, which enables highly accurate solar module efficiency measurements for all solar technologies. One of the important point is to have enough light intensity with LED at low price in the IR region. The BlueSky-MT240 is the system which meets this important requirement and now it’s ready for the market.

Why Alfartec products :

The Efficacy of the product :

The halogen lamps allows to obtain a better accuracy on the spectrum range for LED tester in the IR region from 900nm to 1200nm. The innovation is unique using the combination of both light source in the same time for IV measurement. This system can be used for any technology of module and cell providing a minimum of pulse duration of 100ms to continuous light.

Sustainability :

The system can illuminate in continuous light so the cycle time can be reduced on production line between each module or cell measurement. The IV tester from Alfartec is easy to integrate in any production line or laboratory thanks to is small foot print. Basically, Alfartec’s products are designed to be used for the actual and future module and cell technologies. So the customer will be able to use our system at least for the next 20 years.

Degree of Innovation :

The actual limitation of most flashers is the limited illumination time due to the xenon flashtubes. Our system uses LEDs illumination instead, combined with halogen lamps. This unique combination allows us to reach the best spectral coverage of the solar spectrum, at reasonable costs.

Economic Impact :

The idea behind this innovation is to provide the long light pulse and very good spectral matching needed by actual and future cell technologies. This is necessary to reach high-quality measurement, allowing manufacturers to sell their production at the best price. On other side, LEDs and halogen lamps are extremely long-lasting light sources, so no service except calibration is needed for several years of normal operation, resulting is low costs of ownership.

To find out more about MT240 product, the company will be exhibiting at SNEC 2017 on boot E3 – 822.

Join us on this journey of innovation!