AUO announces new multi-busbar monocrystalline solar module with impressive power output


AU Optronics Corp. will participate in Intersolar Europe 2018, which opened today and runs until Friday in Munich, Germany to showcase its high efficiency solar modules for residential, commercial and utility applications, as well as comprehensive monitoring solutions for solar power plant field data collection and analysis. In particular, a brand-new multi-busbar mono-crystalline module featuring superior power output will be introduced, further strengthening AUO’s leadership position in providing high efficiency solar solutions.

The new SunBravo monocrystalline module series apply an advanced multi-busbar technology featuring shorter current path and novel design to improve absorption of light and reduce electrical loss, contributing to significantly higher power performance and reliability. The 72-cell SunBravo module in particular, boasts an impressive power output of 390 W, gaining as much as 6% more power than its conventional five-busbar monocrystalline counterparts. The 60-cell true black SunBravo module is also available, its sleek and sophisticated appearance making it an aesthetic alternative for clients.

AUO continues to satisfy customer needs in power plants and large scale projects with high efficiency solar modules. Using high efficiency back-contact solar cells, the SunForte has a module efficiency of 20.6% and power output up to 335 W, as well as a better performance guarantee.

AUO has accumulated years of experience in developing rooftop solar power systems, with a successful track record across Taiwan and with partners around the world. In recent years, the company further extended its reach to ground mount and floating projects to satisfy demand for diverse environments. In terms of floating projects, to date AUO has achieved a total installed capacity of 19.8 MW, with a successful track record on flood detention ponds throughout southern Taiwan.

AUO’s floating solar system is designed with high weather-tolerant solar modules, to resist high humidity, salt mist, and high wind pressure. Capable of withstanding typhoon and hurricane-level wind, the module parts achieve 40% more moisture exclusion, with salt mist resistance twelve times higher than the industry average, to ensure outstanding power performance.

To enhance the efficiency of power plant operation and maintenance, the AUO Smart Cloud Monitoring Solution, a comprehensive package with cloud monitoring software, a data recorder and sensing tree, is available for users to collect power plant data for diagnosis, analysis and planning, ensuring the maximum efficiency of power plants with immediate on-site tracking through the internet.

AUO solar modules boast high reliability and stable power generation and the company was rated by market research firm EuPD Research as Top Brand PV in the module category for two consecutive years. Looking into the future, AUO will continue to offer safer and reliable products and services to assist its partners in realizing their solar project goals worldwide.