Connecticut Green Bank approves Bright Harvest for residential solar shading analysis


In this validation study, the Connecticut Green Bank compared Bright Harvest’s remote shading analysis to on-site measurements recorded with the Solmetric SunEye. Connecticut now joins a number of states embracing validated Bright Harvest reports for shading analysis.

Residential solar installers in Connecticut can now take advantage of accurate shading analysis and design without the need to visit the site, giving installers much needed relief from stranded project acquisition costs. In addition to a per-module shading analysis, Bright Harvest reports also include an optimized design complete with a scaled layout and full production estimate.

Controlling Risk in Residential Solar Funding

This latest acceptance by the Connecticut Green Bank highlights a growing awareness among funders that Bright Harvest designs can reduce project risk and strengthen residential solar as an asset.

This window into system production allows funders to set production goals and assess funding viability from the beginning. With early and accurate production driven designs, the opportunity now exists to streamline the residential solar transaction and transform what has been a complicated, high risk, multi-step process.