Demand response reduces grid stress in PJM during polar vortex


During the Polar Vortex, PJM called on demand response three times — the morning and evening of January 7 and the morning of January 8 throughout

the RTO.

The report states that,"Demand response, although not required to participate during the winter this year, responded each time it was called upon.

"In fact, the report confirmed that demand response "exceeded PJM's expectations in real time."

"This experience demonstrates once again, the value of demand response," stated Rick Counihan, chairman of AEMA.

"Demand response has proven itself a fast-acting, responsive resource that

can help independent system operators and electric utilities maintain grid reliability."

Demand response programs enable consumers to reduce their energy usage in return for compensation.

In addition to directly saving consumers money, demand response makes the electric grid more efficient, more reliable, more environmentally friendly and less expensive, according to the Advanced Energy Management Alliance (AEMA), a coalition of demand response providers and electric customers.

AEMA continues to grow, recently adding Opower and MelRok to the membership roll as regional demand response providers.