DNV Gives High Marks to Ampt String Optimizers Used in Utility-Scale PV Solar


Ampt, the world’s #1 DC optimizer company for large-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems, today announced that an updated technology evaluation conducted by DNV, the independent expert in risk management and assurance, gives Ampt String Optimizers high marks in product design, field reliability, and other categories while recognizing Ampt as an experienced power electronics supplier with a 14-year track record of producing DC/DC converters for global utility-scale PV solar markets.

The new DNV evaluation expands on previous reports to cover Ampt’s latest, higher power 1500-volt String Optimizer. Ampt’s newest 45kW optimizer, which has industry-leading power density and advanced features, is already being widely sold into mission critical PV power plants and DC-coupled energy storage systems with over 300 MW shipped the second half of 2021 and a growing backlog of over 1 GW for 2022 shipments. The DNV report also covers Ampt’s other optimizer product lines that have broadened to meet the market demand for a wide range of DC power management solutions.

Ampt String Optimizers are DC/DC converters that are used in large-scale PV plants to lower the cost and improve performance of new systems, upgrade existing systems to produce more energy, and enable low-cost DC-coupled solar+storage systems.

DNV’s report presents information on Ampt and technical due diligence regarding Ampt String Optimizer products with a focus on the key areas of product design, quality of materials, product performance, regulatory compliance, and reliability tests as well as manufacturing and quality control processes. A summary of the key strengths of Ampt String Optimizers recognized by DNV includes:

  • Field reliability track record shows an excellent field failure rate
  • Design for Reliability is a demonstrated priority as evidenced by many internal and third-party validation tests
  • Rigorous HALT testing on each String Optimizer series developed to preemptively identify product weaknesses before field deployment
  • Extensive compliance testing and successful regulatory certifications allow for optimizer installation in global PV markets
  • Compatibility with many solar PV inverters and BOS products
  • High power conversion efficiency
  • Optimizer design does not include cooling fans or electrolytic capacitors for substantial benefits to overall reliability
  • Simplified passive cooling system results in acceptable component temperatures while maintaining a compact form factor
  • Solid track record in solar PV optimizer technology, design, and applications
  • Adheres to best practices in product design and reliability
  • Standardized quality control practices for continuous improvement
  • Controlled manufacturing process, procedures, and methods
  • ISO certified Tier 1 contract manufacturing partner

The DNV report further highlights the value that Ampt products deliver to PV power plants including:

  • Enabling Balance of System (BOS) cost savings, especially in the cases of DC-coupled storage and other systems employing inverters that operate with either a narrow or fixed DC bus voltage.
  • Enabling increased energy harvest, particularly in the case of uneven shading or soiling, due to a more granular and optimized power extraction from the PV array.
  • Optional wireless communications that allow for very granular PV array performance data and a superior means to monitor the conditions of a system which can lead to additional lifetime cost savings and increased annual performance.

“DNV is respected globally as a leading independent provider of technology reviews for developers and financiers of PV power plants,” said Levent Gun, Ampt CEO. “We appreciate the due diligence that DNV has provided in their evaluations of Ampt’s optimizers over the years.”

You’re invited to visit www.ampt.com to learn why leading companies are choosing Ampt String Optimizers for their mission-critical, large-scale PV, PV+storage, and repowering projects.