Energy Toolbase joins the Green Button Alliance


Energy Toolbase, the maker of an industry leading software platform for analyzing and proposing the economics of distributed energy projects, has joined the Green Button Alliance (GBA).

The Green Button Alliance is an industry-led organization comprised of leading utilities, innovative third-party application providers, and other stakeholders that work to foster the development and wide-spread adoption of the Green Button energy-data usage standard. The Green Button standard enables utilities to provide electricity, natural gas, and water customers with easy, secure access to their own detailed energy- or water-usage data and allows them to authorize innovative applications to leverage those data in a format that is standardized across different utilities—transforming the way people and companies access and manage resource usage.

The Energy Toolbase software platform specializes in using interval-meter data to model, optimize, and propose the economics of solar and energy-storage projects. The company now has over 800 users, including solar and energy-storage developers, installers, consultants, energy service companies, policy organizations, and utilities.

"Energy Toolbase’s platform fills a critical need between solar-production calculators and data that are available for a specific property and leverages Green Button data to assist in accurately determining the optimal sizes for solar or energy-storage systems," said Jeremy J. Roberts, general manager of the Green Button Alliance. "The Green Button Alliance looks forward to collaborating with Energy Toolbase as we work to educate the market on the benefits of Green Button data and grow the global Green Button ecosystem to include abroad range of companies—from those that are metering the usage data to those that are making the data actionable."

Energy Toolbase has published a resource guide entitled “The Value of Interval Meter Data in solar PV project analysis,” which details how high-resolution Green Button data enable a more-in-depth level of analysis.

“We are huge evangelists of Green Button data and want to see more utilities across the country adopt this data standard and make high-granularity consumption data available,” said John Gurski, Founder and CEO of Energy Toolbase. “We’re excited to start working more-closely with the Green Button Alliance and the other GBA member companies to push the collective effort forward.”