Europe: Younicos and Samsung SDI to build multi-megawatt battery parks


Combining Younicos’ unique control strategies and Samsung’s safe and reliable lithium-ion cells, the fully automated battery parks will play a crucial role in enabling the use of up to 100 percent wind and solar energy in existing grids and making renewables competitive.

Clemens Triebel, founder and speaker of the board of Younicos: “We’ve tested all industrially available lithium cells since 2007. Samsung provides the commercially most suitable cell technology for balancing short-term fluctuations in the grid. With Samsung’s unique 20-year guarantee, we are setting a new benchmark in this emerging market.

Our battery parks will provide crucial grid stability functions much faster, more efficiently and cheaply than conventional fossil plants, allowing us to switch off coal and other thermal power plants when sufficient wind and solar power is available. Even though current market design does not yet reward these advantages, our battery parks can already compete in markets for frequency regulation and also provide additional system services.”

Y.C. Yoon, EVP and Head of Energy Solutions of Samsung SDI: “We appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the value of integrating energy storage with renewables. Also, the strong combination of Samsung SDI and Younicos will provide customers with solutions meeting their unique needs in energy storage backed by significant experience and capabilities in lithium-ion batteries and system integration,”

Requiring a construction time of as little as 12 months, the battery parks can provide all necessary system services such as frequency regulation, voltage control, black starts, short circuit power. They are also an ideal compliment to grid expansion and can help to substantially lower required investment cost. Since December 2012 Younicos is already successfully operating the first megawatt-scale battery system in the European primary frequency regulation market proving both the technical and the commercial viability of multi-megawatt battery parks.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in other selected European markets, Younicos will become Samsung’s exclusive system integration partner, while Samsung SDI will become Younicos’ chosen partner for lithium-ion-based solutions. As part of the partnership, Younicos will also combine Samsung SDI’s lithium-ion cells with its existing storage technologies in hybrid batteries for its renewable island systems.