First VCI Plant in Europe to Generate Electricity From Solar Panels-EcoCortec- Green Anticorrosion Packaging Plant Becomes Solar Powered!


EcoCortec is anticorrosion  films and bioplastics manufacturer, located  in Croatia. As a daughter company of Cortec® Corporation, global corrosion inhibitor manufacturer, EcoCortec® is committed to achieving full circular economy model. We are proud to announce that EcoCortec® is the first bioplastics plant in Europe that is now solar powered.  Solar panels have been installed for energy. They are generating electricity by collecting renewable energy from the sun and convert it to electrical energy. This energy is used to power EcoCortec’s facilities.

By using new, solar power system, the plant is now able to achieve significant energy savings and contribute to reducing pressure on our atmosphere from the emission of greenhouse gases.  This transition to solar power and our own energy resources is the latest step in implementing full circular economy model in our operations.