For the second time in a row! Philadelphia Solar has been awarded as Top Brand PV in MENA 2022 (Middle East & North Africa) and EPC by EUPD Research


Philadelphia Solar is ranked among the top solar brands in the MENA region according to the results of a comprehensive survey carried out by EUPD Research among installers on brand awareness, customers’ choice and distribution. Thanks to its brand strength and high-quality products, Philadelphia solar has been awarded in the Middle East and North Africa the “Top PV Brand MENA 2022” seal.

The Top Brand PV seal was developed by EuPD in 2010 and, it aims to give wholesalers, installers and end customers independent guidance for top quality brands, as it measures and analyzes the perception of PV market intermediaries and end customers and is globally known as the leading certification body within the solar industry. This competition is beneficial and important for the entire industry to constantly deliver better products and enhance the quality of solar energy.

“Philadelphia Solar is the first photovoltaic (PV) panel manufacturer company in the MENA region, started with an annual PV production capacity of 10 MWp. By extending its production lines, the company now has an annual PV production capacity of 500 MWp to be the largest operating factory in EMEA. In addition to the new automated steel production lines to manufacture corrosion resistance steel mounting structures with an annual capacity of 300 MWp. Our high-quality

products Exports approached more than 48 countries worldwide. What makes us worth this award, that is developed by EuPD Research, is the strong brand we built in the worldwide in general and in the EMEA in particular” Said Mr. Abdulrahman Shehadeh, CEO of Philadelphia Solar.

EUPD Top Brand PV 2022 seal is a recognition of Philadelphia Solar’s commitment to deliver clean energy solution to the world and to maintain a cutting-edge technology based on green energy by marketing the highest international-standard products.