GameChange Solar commences shipping 96 MW system to Mid Atlantic location


Derick Botha, VP Business Development at GameChange Solar, stated: “This system presented challenges such as deep irrigation ditches which needed to be navigated. The flexibility of the GameChange Max-Span Plus system to utilize non standard large profile foundations enabled these ditches to be spanned without any issue. We are excited to be part of this meaningful project and look forward to a rapid installation process. Our logistics team will support the project by scheduling deliveries to multiple drop ship points to help the customer with tight staging space requirements.”

GameChange Solar Max-Span Plus System
•    Industry’s most flexible racking system handles undulating ground conditions
•    Telescoping post bracket with 6″ vertical adjustment for fast top of pile leveling
•    Multiple foundation options: I-Beam, PlusPile™ and MonsterPile™
•    MonsterPile™ alternate pile is 6″ wide facing south, designed for loose soils
•    Industry’s longest spans and fewest foundations: as few as 190 per MW
•    Articulating purlin connections to navigate up to 15% terrain slopes
•    Supports all poly, glass and thin film modules
•    Rugged design enables 150 mph wind and 90 psf snow loads
•    Turnkey install, pull test and geotech services available
•    Panels attach rapidly to purlins using rivets or bolts and flange nuts