GoodWe EzDesigner seamlessly compatible with K2 Systems software K2 Base


The configuration of GoodWe’s EzDesigner and K2 Systems mounting design software K2 Base onto one platform has been successfully done! Customers will be able to experience the one-stop design convenience with this brand new connection. Both systems are off-the-shelf and proved to be the stable and intelligent tool to provide the tailor made design scheme.

In comparison with other competitive brands, GoodWe EzDesigner is more comprehensive which is designed to cover wide range of products under Residential, Commercial & Industrial, Energy Storage as well as Retrofit sections. Besides, GoodWe EzDesigner should be the sole system in the industry which supports 13 languages. Worth mentioning is that it’s able to sketch up the rooftop according to address provided, precisely positioning. Taking all the related elements into calculation, a thorough and professional report will be generated. This free system significantly increases the installation efficiency at earlier stage and optimize the system performance as a result.

K2 Systems supports PV systems worldwide with easy-to-install mounting systems for flat and pitched roofs and, with the free K2 Base planning software, enables simple design including installation plan, static report and article list. At the end of planning in K2 Base, the user sends the project data to GoodWe's EzDesigner with just one click. The connection of GoodWe and K2 Systems simplifies PV planning from now on, because multiple data entry is no longer necessary and the installer has more time for consulting and installation of the PV plants.