GP Solar wins iF product design award for lab tool GP STAB-TEST .Pro


For 60 years, the award has been an internationally recognized label for award-winning achievements in design.

The measuring tool is applied in the photovoltaic industry and is designed for testing the mechanical stability of solar wafers and cells to isolate increased breakage rates in production. The solar cell bow after the firing process and the soldered tabbing of solar cells are additional measurable parameters.

With a new measurement principle combined with new mechanics and electronics, the system reaches higher accuracies, is easier to calibrate and enables failure-safe operations than the previous model. The appearance of the measuring tool was decisively influenced by the industrial designers of defortec GmbH, Dettenhausen.

The jury considered criteria such as design quality, finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, visualization of intended use, safety, brand value and branding and aspects of universal design.