GSS German Solar System and EL.ITAL. SpA sign nine MW German-Italian supply contract


“With this agreement we on the one hand intend to foster the economical development of the region of Benevento, in which our subsidiary Italian branch is located, and on the other hand give a clear preference to a European based production of PV modules. Located in one of the most interesting marketplaces for PV systems in central Europe and thus being in short distance to our customers this supply agreement will help us obtaining more flexibility and independence from delivery problems with shipping from far east and overseas,” commented Felice Facchiano, managing director and CEO of GSS German Solar System GmbH.

Managing director of EL.ITAL. SpA , Massimo Pugliese, added: “I feel very satisfied with this agreement which allows EL.ITAL to enter the market of a country like Germany. Not only because EL.ITAL has always been an enterprise with German origins (under Siemens leadership) but also taking into account that our production line for photovoltaic modules has been furnished by important German manufacturers.”

GSS-manager Facchiano also believes in improving the attractiveness of his product portfolio and security in deliverance by this German-Italian co-operation. He said: “I am very positively looking forward to an increasing photovoltaic market in those EU-countries which give governmental guarantees for PV plants, and I believe that there is an increasing demand for services based on good quality, support and consultancy.”