How the cloud can help produce energy from the sun


Cloud technology has already revolutionized the IT industry. Nowadays this technology means first of all significant cost reduction and time savings and moreover provides the increase of general effectiveness. Most importantly, resources stored in the cloud are accessible from practically all parts of the world on the device of choice, provided it has access to the Internet.

EasySolar is the first app that has applied cloud technology to design PV plants. It will allow you to perform quick dimensioning on any device, let it be laptop, tablet or smartphone. Friendly interface, safety of data storage and better project management are just few of the many advantages. EasySolar believes that the application will develop better way of communication between designers, installers and distributors.

In a few simple steps it will be possible to make the visualization of solar plants on photos, drawings and maps in a flexible manner, and calculate the possible solar output. The app is fully equipped with maps, irradiation data bases and many solutions that has never appeared in any other software in the context of photovoltaics.

EasySolar is encouraging pv professionals to test the trial version for free. Users opinion will serve to develop even more functionalities to the application.

The subscription for the trial version is available at the following link: