HT-SAAE Awarded as ’Top Performer’ in PVEL 2021 PV Module Reliability Scorecard


PVEL is the leading reliability and performance testing lab for downstream solar project developers, financiers, and asset owners and operators around the world. With over ten years of experience and accumulated data, PVEL conducts testing that demonstrates solar technology bankability. HT-SAAE again is only solar module manufacturer from Turkey that entered the 2021 PV Module Reliability Scorecard with its solar panels produced in Istanbul/Turkey.

PVEL’s 2021 PV Module Reliability Scorecard recognizes manufacturers with exemplary test results in Product Qualification Program (PQP). HT-SAAE has taken place in the list the performance of Damp Heat, LID (Light Induced Degradation) and LETID (Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation) and awarded Top Performers.

HT-SAAE, BNEF Tier 1 module manufacturer,has been involved in many projects around the world with its high performance modules. With its strong financial structure, quality production and high capacity, HT-SAAE aims to increase the supply of solar modules to global projects every year.