In ice and snow test, Trinasolar Vertex N 630W named best mono glass module


This module arrived in Mohe, China’s northernmost city, in December and performed exceptionally well in four months of field tests during the coldest time in the region. The high reliability of the Vertex N modules has thus once again been recognized by an industry institution.

The PV Module Run In Cold Ice and Snow Competition, organized by the China General Certification Center, evaluates the performance of PV modules in extremely low temperatures. In such environments the modules, especially their five key auxiliary materials — glass, encapsulant film, backsheet, interconnect ribbon and frame — underwent rigorous reliability tests on power output, mechanical deformation, grounding, insulation, moisture leakage, electroluminescence (EL) and other performance metrics.

Trinasolar’s Vertex N 630W mono-glass module excelled in these tests, the frame remaining intact, with no overall deformation, and the backsheet showing no signs of cracking or yellowing. In addition, the EL images revealed no hidden cracks in the cells. The module also passed an insulation reliability test, withstanding a high-voltage pulse of 4000V.

Moreover, the Vertex N 630W mono-glass module endured the challenges of high radiation and intense UV exposure in high-latitude regions. After four months of testing, the average degradation rate of all samples was just -0.38%, demonstrating outstanding attenuation performance.

Trinasolar's Vertex N 630W mono-glass module incorporates n-type i-TOPCon advanced technology, boosting the maximum output power to 630W, with efficiency of up to 23.3%. The product features innovative non-destructive cutting technology and high-density encapsulation technology, which greatly reduces the risk of hidden cracks. Furthermore, the module design includes only 22 cells connected in parallel with its bypass diode, effectively reducing the risk of hot spots.

Cao Yunduan, head of global branding and marketing at Trinasolar, said: “As a global leader in smart PV and energy storage solutions, Trinasolar is committed to conducting research on various application settings, including extreme cold and heat, offshore photovoltaics, prolonged UV exposure, high altitudes and more, providing more value and customized products and solutions, as well as contributing to a net-zero future.”