JA Solar & Ralco Energy Complete Installation of 5.5 MW PV on top of the Biggest Roof Tops site of Agriculture platforms with ‘Nir Solar Energy’ in Israel


The project, with a capacity of 5.5MW, was undertaken by Nir Solar Energy, one of Israel’s largest EPC companies. JA Solar provided all high-efficiency modules for this project and, in partnership with the excellent local distributor Ralco Energy, delivered full pre-sales and after-sales support for the project. As one of Israel’s largest rooftop distributed projects, this endeavor brings significant social, ecological, and economic benefits, marking a milestone in promoting local sustainable development.

This project involves the installation of PV panels above the roofs of livestock farms. It harnesses solar energy through PV modules to meet the electricity needs of the farm operations. This approach not only reduces carbon emissions but also allows for the simultaneous raising of animals underneath, effectively optimizing resource utilization and revitalizing traditional agriculture. Furthermore, the installation of PV panels provides an additional protective measure for the animals. These panels serve to shield them from rain and sunlight while also providing some insulation during the winter months. This improved environment contributes to reduced farming risks and offers effective protection for livestock farmers.

As early as the 1970s, there were attempts to integrate solar power with agriculture. However, due to the high cost of PV panels at that time, the development of PV agriculture faced significant challenges. Today, in the rapidly advancing landscape of the PV industry, with the global population continuing to grow and available land becoming scarcer, the integration of solar PV with agriculture and related sectors to enhance overall land utilization efficiency is destined to become a prevailing trend within the PV industry. Looking ahead, JA Solar will continue to uphold its corporate mission of “developing solar power to benefit the planet”. We will intensify our efforts in the development and utilization of PV power generation, constantly exploring new opportunities for growth, and driving the high-quality development of the PV industry.