JinkoSolar Provides Its SunGiga C&I ESS to Zhaoguang New Energy in Shandong


JinkoSolar’s C&I ESS SunGiga uniquely features its doubled safety compared to conventional ESS solutions. Its self-developed liquid cooling system sets the benchmark for temperature differences among cells below 2.5 Celsius degree. This temperature uniformity provides doubled safety and charging and discharging efficiency of the system, as well as longer battery life. An automatic State of Charge (SOC) calibration and an automated coolant refilling system help to decrease the expense on operation and maintenance (O&M).

In addition, SunGiga offers an all-around safety design across from the cell level to system level. With the benefits of artificial intelligence, the cells are monitored with great accuracy in real-time to detect changes and provide early-stage warnings for system. With five levels of protection in place to decrease the risk of thermal runaway.

There is a variety of battery capacity options, ranging from 250kWh to 2MWh, and are designed for applications that require energy storage for two to four hours. This solution simplifies the transportation, installation, operation and maintenance (O&M) processes associated with energy storage solutions through a combination of several components, including LFP battery power conversion system (PCS), BMS, EMS, and fire suppression system.

All-in-one ultra-safety and high-efficiency SunGiga has been widely preferred by C&I customers.