Martifer Renewables Announces Engagement of CELA as Advisor for Sale of 320 MW of PV Projects in Brazil


The projects are registered at the Energy Research Office (EPE) with the objective of participating in Brazil’s second reserve federal auction (2nd LER) to be held on November 13th 2015.

“We are very pleased to partner with CELA as we scan the market to find Investors to execute these solar projects in Brazil, one of the most promising PV markets in the world. Since 2014, almost 2 GW of PV projects were contracted in the federal auctions, and the government plans to contract 1 GW yearly going forward. Martifer will enter this segment strongly!”, said Miguel Lobo, responsible for Martifer Renováveis in Brazil.

“Martifer’s projects are exceptional. They have the highest energy generation approved by the government (“garantia física”) of all the 400-so projects registered to participate in Brazil’s latest PV auction. These projects also are located in areas with connection availability, and therefore, are among the most competitive in the country”, according to Camila Ramos, CELA’s Director.

Brazil conducted its first PV auction in 2014, contracting over 1 GWp from 31 projects. The country’s second PV auction was carried out last week (on 28 August 2015), signing 20-year PPAs with another 30 projects with capacity of 1 GWp. Another PV auction will take place in November 2015.!press-releases/c1va8