Midsummer announces relaunch of solar design software Easy PV, with free access in the UK and Ireland


Renewables distributor Midsummer today announces a relaunch of its popular solar design software, Easy PV – and is giving away free full access for a year for users in the UK and Ireland.

The company’s software streamlines the PV design and installation process, integrating design, calculations, paperwork, and ordering into a single online package. Its facelift released today boasts an updated logo and branding alongside the release of a number of  new features.

Andy Rankin, Managing Director at Midsummer, and Head of Software Development,  says: “We’re delighted with the improvements we are bringing to Easy PV, and we’re committed to making renewable products accessible to everyone. To that end we are making our design software free to all solar and battery storage installers in the UK and Ireland for at least the next year. It’s a little thank-you to the industry for voting us Solar and Storage Distributor of the Year in 2020! A staggering 29,000 PV designs were created through the Easy PV website last year, with a further 12,000 on our white-labelled enterprise versions. But we believe we can double that again over the next year with the improvements we have added.”

Ash Cliffe, Business Development Manager for Easy PV, adds: “Beyond the significant facelift, we’ve added some great features to enhance the user experience. The most disruptive new feature is the satellite view interface, which enables users to define roof edges directly on a satellite image of the property. It’s incredibly intuitive and engaging, and crucially all the later steps and calculations are automated – it really is easy.” 

Easy PV is available at easy-pv.co.uk for users in the UK, and easy-pv.ie for Irish users. Users can register for an account online and receive a free training session. Midsummer also offers customisation and white-labelling of the software to installation companies and energy utilities. Usage of Easy PV has doubled over the last year.

Easy PV includes the following features: 

  • Design complex roofs to scale
  • Place obstacles such as chimneys, rooflights and vent
  • Autofill roofs  with a choice of panels
  • Size inverters to suit array, and auto-recommend string configuration
  • Cable voltage drop calculations
  • Full bill of materials, including choice of mounting system
  • Live stock and pricing at Midsummer
  • Sunpath diagrams and lifetime system performance calculations
  • Homeowner energy consumption and system financial payback calculations
  • Customer quote and report creation with installer logo
  • Schematic for the system
  • Structural calculations for weight, wind and snow loads
  • Autocompletion of DNO forms
  • Unlimited project storage