NeoVolta’s 6,000-Cycle Home Solar Battery Receives UL Safety Certification


UL 9540A is the U.S. standard for battery energy storage safety testing. This test evaluates the potential fire hazard posed by an overheating chain reaction known as thermal runaway.

Unlike ordinary lithium ion storage batteries, NeoVolta systems use lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry. This clean, nontoxic chemistry has been certified as nonflammable having “no open flame” and “no thermal runaway” characteristics when heated to failure. NeoVolta’s NV14 storage system and NV24 optional add-on battery passed both the thermal runaway and off-gas requirements established in UL 9540A. Meeting these requirements is a major milestone in the residential energy storage system space.

“We are so proud to have passed these rigorous testing requirements with our new 6,000-cycle energy storage systems,” said CEO Brent Willson, CEO of NeoVolta. “Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that our lithium iron phosphate batteries meet the highest safety standards.”

NeoVolta’s battery cycle life of 6,000 cycles is one of the highest on the residential energy storage market. It represents a 50% increase over NeoVolta’s original 4,000-cycle product. Based on a full charge and discharge each day, 6,000 cycles translates to 16.5 years of useful life.

Passing the UL safety standard with its new 6,000-cycle products is just the latest engineering highlight for NeoVolta, which also offers generator integration. NeoVolta continues to develop other industry-leading enhancements, all while keeping the lowest price in the industry when comparing cost per watt.

When the grid goes down for any reason, NeoVolta storage systems immediately provide backup power. And under normal conditions, they can significantly reduce utility bills. NeoVolta’s advanced lithium iron phosphate chemistry is a noncombustible and nontoxic alternative to ordinary lithium-ion batteries. The NV14 system has a very high storage capacity of 14.4 kilowatt-hours, expandable to 24.0 kWh with the optional NV24 battery—without the expense of a second inverter. The system’s 7.7 kilowatts of instantaneous power discharge also sets it apart from the competition. NeoVolta storage is compatible with any solar system—new or existing, AC or DC.

For its superior safety and performance, the NV14 has been named one of Solar Power World’s top storage products three years in a row.