New packaging solution for solar frames


Now ZepSolar Customers have the opportunity to be part of the EckPack Service Family: Easy packaging, stacking and splitting deliveries are possible.

Even after separating solar modules from a stack, the sensitive corners of the module stay protected by the EckPack Trio packaging corner. The EckPack Trio corners provide solar modules safety until they are securely mounted on a roof. No more damage or scratches to solar modules during the mounting process at the construction site.

No more cardboard leftovers sticking on modules glass, leading to malfunction of the module string and hotspots.

As with all EckPack Trio Corners, manufacturers are able to stack automatically. Furthermore:The ability to double stack – horizontally or vertically long – during transportation, and reduction of storage space at the manufacturers' site with high volume capacity packaging are well known advantages too.

Cardboard transport and storage is yesterday, reduction of useless packaging is now.