OPDE connects 5MW Solar Farm to the Grid before ROCs Closure


The multinational OPDE, who specialises in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic farms, has announced the completion of a new photovoltaic plant located in North Yorkshire, England. The new installation will reach a power of 5 MW with an electrical generation sufficient to power 1,375 homes. The project is now fully operational and exporting to the grid.

OPDE has completed the energization ahead the closure of the Renewable Energy Certificate deadline set in March 31st. The construction has been completed in less than three months with a total investment above five million pounds.

The multinational outlines that the completion of this project confirms its success in the UK market: “For OPDE, this is has been a strategic market where we have successfully consolidated our presence with the accumulation of 100 MW of developed capacity”.

OPDE encounters with more than 1.8 GW under development on different technologies including solar, wind and small hydro across Chile, Mexico and the United States. Last year, OPDE announced being awarded with 80 MW of renewable assets in Chile and 140MW of solar photovoltaic projects in Mexico. This represents a 220 MW growth opportunity and a significant investment in renewable energy assets in the OCDE Latin American countries.

The company’s management highlights that “with the recent success on the international expansion of the company, we have a strong development platform for the next years to come. This platform will allow us to generate long-term, stable revenues and take advantage of future growth opportunities both in the countries where we operate.”