Power-One will present new inverters at InterSOLUTION

In addition, the expected more than 5,000 visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about Power-One’s AURORA UNO single-phase and AURORA TRIO three-phase string inverters as well as the AURORA ULTRA central inverter systems for large commercial and utility-scale solar power plants.

“InterSOLUTION is the most important trade fair for solar energy in the Benelux region and offers an ideal platform for introducing our new AURORA PVI-8.0-TL-OUTD, which is ideally suited for roof-mounted PV installations,” said Joseph Maingard, Sales Director Central Europe at Power-One. “Together with our improved micro-inverters and the AURORA CDD monitoring solution, residential plant owners will benefit from both technical and practical improvements. The new products complete our broad range of inverter products, which offers our clients the perfect sized AURORA inverter for their PV installations”.


The new non-isolated AURORA PVI-8.0-TL-OUTD is the smallest three-phase string inverter of the AURORA family and offers a power level suitable for roof-mounted photovoltaic installations. Based on the leading non-isolated 10.0 and 12.5 kW inverters, it completes Power-One’s product range. Already configured as a Universal Standard model which allows selecting the country standard directly in the field, the device offers two independent MPPTs, a wide input voltage range and high efficiency values. Moreover, it can be fitted to different installation conditions, always ensuring maximum energy harvesting.

Power-One’s AURORA MICRO-0.25-I and AURORA MICRO-0.3-I micro-inverters offer several improvements compared to the earlier product version, including increased efficiency ratings of up to 96.5 percent, which is one of the best in this class. A broader input voltage range and an extended MPP DC voltage range allow installers to deploy the AURORA MICRO devices with PV modules of a different make and performance, thereby giving them greater design flexibility. Thanks to a robust IP65 enclosure, an HF isolation and electrolyte-free capacitors, the product is ideally suited for unrestricted use under any environmental conditions and benefits from an increased product lifetime and long term reliability.

By minimizing efficiency losses from partial or temporary shading, panel mismatching or module aging, the AURORA MICRO module inverters offer an alternative to traditional string inverters. In addition, micro-inverters ensure system expandability at panel level, allow for easy plant monitoring and reduce the susceptibility to fault. Power-One’s micro-inverters can be linked to the internet with the monitoring system AURORA CDD.

Specifically designed for the use with Power-One’s AURORA MICRO micro-inverters, the new monitoring device AURORA CDD connects them to the internet in a simple and quick way. Without requiring any additional wiring, the AURORA CDD allows the monitoring of up to 30 module inverters using wireless communication technology. Via Power-One’s web-based monitoring portal, plant operators and installers can control the performance of their PV system in real-time and detect failures rapidly.

To learn more about Power-One’s AURORA® inverter products, please visit www.power-one.com/renewable-energy.