PV-ezRack Unveils Ascent Ballast Series for Flat Roofs


PV-ezRack has recently announced the launch of two new low ballast solar mounting systems for flat roofs, dubbed PV-ezRack Ascent and PV-ezRack Ascent Wings respectively.

The PV-ezRack Ascent is a low ballast, south/north facing solution without rails for PV installation on flat roofs.

The PV-ezRack Ascent Wings is a low ballast, east/west facing rail-less system, which provides optimal surface utilization and yield for structurally challenging roofs with limited ballast options. With multiple angular options available, Ascent Wings allows maximized energy production.

Both Ascent and Ascent Wings are enhancements from the PV-ezRack® ComT with Ballast, a mounting solution exclusively designed for ballast systems last year. Compared with ComT with Ballast, the newly developed products boast an optimized structure and a more flexible tilt angle, with easier installation and a lower ballast.

Lannes Cai, Technical Manager at Clenergy commented: “Clenergy has invested heavily in the R&D sector in recent years. Our in-house R&D team has developed seven innovative product lines for flat roofs thus far. It is exciting to have another two new additions. And we will continue to invest more into product development in response to the worldwide diversified technical requirements for solar applications.”

Why should you select Ascent for your solar installation? See below the top 3 benefits for this newly released low ballast mounting solution.

Reduced Ballast through Aerodynamic Optimization
Aerodynamically optimised structure contributes to a lowering of the ballast.

PV-ezRack Ascent and Ascent Wings have also been subjected to the stringent boundary layer wind tunnel test, conducted by the established wind tunnel test agency Wacker Ingenieure GmbH (Wacker). The test report is available upon request.

Structural optimisation, plus the wind tunnel test, ensures optimum ventilation for maximum energy output.

High Efficiency in Installation and Warehouse Management
Thanks to the click connection between the Legs and Bases, no additional tools are required for their assembly.

Additionally, the storage space is greatly reduced due to the innovative Rear Leg Extension, thereby saving the cost of warehouse management.

Compatibility with Solar PV Systems
With a special design and a tilt angle of 10° and 15°, both Ascent and Ascent Wings are compatible with PV modules up to 2180x1100mm (length by width). They are additionally flexible to PV module frames, with the height ranging from 30mm to 46mm.

Ascent and Ascent Wings also accommodate other accessories, such as optimisers and micro-inverters.

The solution is manufactured from aluminum, featuring excellent corrosion resistance. Both mounting systems have passed TUV certification. They also comply with various internationally recognized standards, including Eurocode 0-9, AS NZS1170.2-2011, JISC8955, and ASCE 7-10.