PV system manufacturer Shoals announced partnership with Huawei


The two parties will bind as global partners, co-develop and deliver the next generation plug and play global PV utility solution.

With over 15 years of continuous innovation in the PV industry, Shoals is a leading manufacturer of balance of system (BOS) and currently holds over 60% of the North American BOS market. Huawei is a leading provider in terms of string inverter and smart PV solution.

The partnership between Shoals and Huawei is interpreted as a win-win cooperation and globalization of smart PV. The two parties have agreed to jointly launch competitive next generation PV plant designs, aiming to provide customers with a one-stop solution covering rack, tracker, inverter solution, communications, monitoring, cabling, combiner boxes, Big Lead Assembly (BLA) etc.

Mr. Dean Solon, President of Shoals, pointed out that Huawei is a respected company that has created a revolution in the telecom industry. Since Huawei set its foot in the PV market, it has not only reshaped the PV inverter market landscape, but also integrated the ICT technology into the PV field, achieving networked and smart management for PV, and allowing Huawei to become an industry leader within a short time.

He also said: "It is a great pleasure to cooperate with such a leading company that is always innovating and improving. By leveraging our advantages, we will launch the next generation PV plant design and deepen our business and market cooperation in North America and even across the globe."

Mr. Hu Xinyue, Vice President of the Network Energy Product Line, Yin Feijun, General Manager of Smart PV Global Sales, as well as senior executives in Huawei's representative office in the United States, were invited to and attended this conference.

Mr. Hu Xinyue commented, “Shoals is one of the industry’s most elite players, combining low cost with an innovative product line. They are known around the world as a leader in BOS and have been bringing plug-and-play solutions into the market for the past decade. Both of our companies take pride in pioneering new solar technologies and our partnership will focus on bringing smart, easy to use technology to solar fields across the globe.”

The director of Huawei smart PV said: Huawei took the lead in launching the smart PV solution that integrates the digital information technology, Internet technology, and PV technology. The solution incorporates optimization in aspects including system cost, O&M efficiency, and energy yields, which can lower LCOE continuously and bring investors stable and reliable revenue in the 25-year life cycle. With the joint efforts of both parties, we believe we will promote the formulation of smart PV plant industry standards, and provide strong support for sustainable development and technical advancements of the global PV market.