Risen Energy attends the opening ceremony of Mezőcsát Solar Power Plant the Hungary’s largest solar power plant


The Hungarian Oil and Gas Public Limited Company (commonly known as MOL Group) held the opening ceremony to commemorate the achievement. Risen Energy vice president Zeng Jianping, sales director for Europe Wu Jing, and senior manager of the Product Center Ye Jiajun were invited to the event.

“Hungary imports 76% of its energy, and reducing the reliance on natural gas and increasing the share of electricity from alternative sources are key goals,” tweeted Energy Minister Csaba Lantos. “The inauguration of the Mezőcsát power plant, the country's largest solar farm, is a step toward achieving these objectives.”

Risen Energy has established the marketing network in Hungary since long, and in 2022, Risen Energy's module shipments accounted for over 70% of the total volume in Hungary.

Risen Energy supplied the high-efficiency Titan Series PERC PV modules to the Mezőcsát power plant. The module delivers high energy yield and significant carbon reduction. The use of advanced technologies such as non-destructive cutting, high-density encapsulation, MBB and low-voltage design ensures the module's ultra-high efficiency, while mechanical performance, safety and stability of the modules are greatly enhanced, enabling customers to meet their requirements for environmentally sustainable energy.

At the ceremony, Risen Energy's brand strength, technical excellence, and service quality were highly acknowledged by MOL Group. The company's commitment to providing high-efficiency modules with guaranteed quality and quantity, coupled with their advanced high-power module technology, impressed MOL Group with its significant return on investment. Both parties expressed their shared aspiration for deeper collaboration, aiming to strengthen their partnership and undertake more high-quality and benchmark PV projects in the future