Schneider Electric recognized as a leading competitive PV equipment supplier

"This is a great recognition of the positioning of Schneider Electric as a leading company in the solar power conversion market”, noted Laurent Bataille, SVP for the Solar Business of Schneider Electric.

“This ranking of Schneider Electric as one of the leading specialized inverter manufacturers is a reflection of the changes at play in the solar industry. In the new phase of the solar market a few major criteria are now influencing customers’ decisions on their power conversion choices: bankability, global capabilities, competitive & reliable solutions.”

As the solar market goes through a rapid wave of bankruptcies and consolidations, the industry is increasingly concerned about securing the long-term future of installations. Suppliers that can provide that security bring an added value.

Peace of mind is key and not every solar PV company today can offer certainty that spare parts, service and technical support will be continually available over the 20+ year life of a solar installation. Suppliers that combine long-term security along with reliable designs, efficient manufacturing processes and neatly integrated solution packages are especially valued.

Also critical in today’s global solar market is the ability to ramp up execution and field service capabilities in new geographies. Comprehensive product offerings that cover the whole electrical and monitoring & control systems and can be deployed globally in a variety of different local environments are essential.

Schneider Electric’s localized PV box that comes with integrated power conversion substations, pre-qualified for all local standards and suitable for local environmental conditions is an especially welcome innovation.

“Schneider Electric is a uniquely bankable PV supplier, with proven global reach and infrastructure and best-in-class competitive and reliable solutions. We’re excited to be part of the next wave of Solar and our recent project wins in Thailand, India, Canada, France and Japan demonstrate we’ve secured our position as one of the leading PV equipment suppliers” says Mr. Bataille.

In times of rationalization and uncertainty in the solar industry, Schneider Electric is committed to invest in even better products and Mr. Bataille expects to unveil new product ranges in all segments throughout 2013 and 2014: “We recently announced the launch of our new best-in-class inverters for the residential and commercial building markets in Grid-Tie or Off-Grid versions (respectively Conext RL, Conext TL in Grid-Tie and Conext SW and Conext XW in Off-Grid). In utility scale we completed our suite of plug and play equipment with a new range of array boxes, the Conext Control SCADA system and new PV boxes with Conext Core XC inverters offering efficiencies of up to 98.9%.”