SEG Solar Ranks Among Top 10 Solar Panel Brands in the US Market


SolarReviews, an informational site and provider of the Solar Calculator for residential PV savings estimates, has released a report ranking the top 10 solar panel manufacturers serving the US market. The report ranks solar panel brands based on a variety of weighted metrics, include value (25%), module quality (20%), company financial performance (20%), U.S. investment (15%), warranty (10%), and dealer network quality share (10%).

As US market’s top 10 solar panel brands, SEG is committed to delivering efficient, reliable, and stable solar module products to its customers. With a $60 million investment in the U.S., SEG has established a factory in Houston, Texas, and will collaborate with local suppliers to procure raw materials, thus contributing significantly to the local economy and driving the reshoring of U.S. manufacturing. SEG has consistently advocated for effective clean energy industry policies and this investment will further enhance the domestic photovoltaic supply chain, aiding in achieving energy independence in the United States.

SEG's pioneering deployment of N-type TOPCon components in the US has demonstrated excellence in product quality assurance, power generation capabilities, and reliability. It has consistently been recognized as a “Top Performer” by

authoritative photovoltaic module performance testing laboratories like PVEL and has received an outstanding “VERY GOOD” rating in PV Magazine module tests. This acknowledgment by SolarReviews as one of the top 10 solar panel brands in the US underscores SEG's brand influence and further validates its product quality.

Jim Wood, CEO of SEG, said, “We are honored that SEG Solar has secured a spot among SolarReviews' top ten U.S. solar module brands. SEG is dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective solar module products nationwide, driving clean energy to become a primary source of power in the United States. Our products are highly acclaimed by customers for their superior quality, reliability, and top-notch warranty services.”